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Bruce County Library - Wiarton Branch

c/o William Wilfred Campbell Appreciation Society

578 Brown St.
Wiarton ON N0H 2T0 CA

Memorial of Significant Contributors


Caleb Hull - Chair

Harriet Maconaghie - Vice Chair

Evelyn Neubold - Treasurer

Cliff Bilyea
Pam Crawford
Victor Last

Paul Kastner - Founder & Director

John Thordarson - Treasurer & Director

Lauren Best

Harriet Maconaghie
Pam Crawford

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Society Objectives

1. To preserve the memory of the famous Wiarton poet, William Wilfred Campbell, 1861-1918, as a valuable Canadian and municipal historical/cultural treasure.

2. To foster the education of the public, amateur poets, and students as to the value and power of poetry and arts within Bruce and Grey Counties.

3. To assist with the annual William Wilfred Campbell Poetry & Arts Festival​