2020 Submissions Now Open!

$10 per Amateur Poet

Each Adult poet may submit up to 2 poems

Free submission for Youth
Submit by May 27th (Youth) or June 10th (Adult) to the Wiarton Library



Adult Category

 Two prizes of $500 and performance at our festival

Youth Categories

Grades 1-3 - $125

Grades 4-5 - $125

Grades 6-8 - $125

Grades 9-12 - $125


 and other Individuals

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William Wilfred Campbell 1861-1918
"Canada's Unofficial Poet Laureate"

His poems about our peninsula, its lakes, shores and islands rocked our young nation and earned him acclaim as Poet Laureate of the Lakes.

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All-ages educational package for teachers, students, parents, and creative writers.


Examine the styles of William Wilfred Campbell while your students express Canada's landscapes through poetry!


Portraits featured on the page where completed through Youth Programming. If you wish to sponsor an art class for adults or youth, please contact the society.


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